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Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Thursday, March 26


Activity Level: 3.0/10
Early Aurora: 2.0/10
Overnight Aurora: 4.0/10
Peak Intensity: 5.5/10
Colour: Green
*NOTE: Geomagnetic field conditions
will be quiet with unsettled periods
overnight. Peak activity is expected
in the hours before and after local
midnight. To watch the Northern
Lights above Yellowknife in real
time, check out
AuroraMAX Live.
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CALM 2.5


Long-Range Forecast

Friday, March 27

ACTIVE (Possible G1 Storm)

Activity Level: 6.0/10
Early Aurora: 6.0/10
Overnight Aurora: 6.0/10
Peak Intensity: 7.5/10
Colour: Green/Red/Magenta

Saturday, March 28


Activity Level: 5.5/10
Early Aurora: 4.0/10
Overnight Aurora: 6.5/10
Intensity: 6.5/10
Colour: Green

Sunday, March 29


Activity Level: 5.5/10
Early Aurora: 4.5/10
Overnight Aurora: 6.5/10
Peak Intensity: 6.0/10
Colour: Green

Monday, March 30


Activity Level: 4.0/10
Early Aurora: 3.0/10
Overnight Aurora: 5.0/10
Peak Intensity: 5.0/10
Colour: Green
Astronomy North Society forecasts are updated daily before noon Mountain Time. This forecast of the geomagnetic conditions that cause auroras at 68° North magnetic latitude is developed using space weather data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Forecasts are adjusted as solar and geomagnetic field conditions change. This forecast also serves communities in close proximity to Yellowknife that are located between 60º and 64º North latitude. Activity Level: The anticipated level of auroral activity above northern latitudes from dusk until dawn. Levels are categorized as: Calm (0.0-2.5), Moderate (3.0-4.5), Active (5.0-6.5), and Active Storm (6.5-10.0). Peak Intensity: Refers to anticipated brightness and motion during peak activity. Other Forecasts: NOAA / Canada / Yukon / Edmonton / Alaska


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