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IMAGE GALLERY • Yellowknife Auroras Feb 28, 2015


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AURORA WATCH • A Stormy Weekend Forecast!

latest_512_0193-2-02a(YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) This weekend’s aurora forecast is looking bright, with possible G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm activity expected Saturday and elevated activity levels are likely to continue until Sunday evening. The activity is the result of a boost in solar wind speed caused by a large coronal hole in the Sun’s southern hemisphere. For the latest information, check out the storm watch updates at, keep an eye on the Yellowknife Aurora Forecast, and watch for colourful auroras above Yellowknife on AuroraMAX this weekend! (Pillars of purple and red light often indicate a storm is under way!)

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IMAGE GALLERY • Yellowknife Auroras Jan 27, 2015

01h02-January-27-Yellowknife-ENE 01h12-January-27-Yellowknife-W

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LATEST IMAGE • Colourful Conjunction January 10, 2015

Conjunction-Jan10-2015 SM

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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Conjunctions Kick Off New Year

Conjunctions January 2015
CELESTIAL PAIRS • Jupiter/Moon and Mercury/Venus conjunctions will be great targets for northern skywatchers this week.

By James Pugsley
Astronomy North

(YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) This week you may notice two notable conjunctions on that shiny new Astronomy calendar your uncle gave you for Christmas.

On Wednesday evening (Jan 7) watch as Jupiter and the Moon, two of the brightest objects in the sky, come within 5 degrees of each other near the constellation Leo. Jupiter has been a brilliant target to kick off the new year, and with a pair of binoculars or a small telescope you should have no problem observing the planetary disk and a few Jovian moons (seen as pinpoints of light near the planet).

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