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IMAGE GALLERY • Yellowknife Auroras Sept 13, 2014

AuroraMAXGalleryTemplate2014 IceRoadAstroTEMPLATE2014

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MORE STORMS TONIGHT! Stay Connected to the Latest Conditions, Predictions and Auroras

(YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) Northern skywatchers rejoice! G2 (Moderate) and possible G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm conditions are expected on September 12-13, along with some vibrant displays of Northern Lights across the North and possibly across Canada! Here are the links you need to follow the action in real time:

Visit the NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Centre website
Check the AuroraMAX Live Feed (Imaging starts at 10pm MT / 12am ET)
Follow the Ice Road Astronomer on Twitter (Aurora Nowcast starts Tonight at 5 pm MT / 7 pm ET)
Follow AuroraMAX on Twitter and Facebook
Check the Ovation: Statistical Auroral Oval website frequently


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TONIGHT! Ice Road Astronomer Hosts Aurora Nowcast on Twitter!

(YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) Astronomy North Society President and AuroraMAX co-founder James Pugsley will host an Aurora Nowcast tonight on Twitter and again on Friday as Canada prepares for the possibility of G2 and G3 level geomagentic storm activity over the next 48 hours. 

Aurora Nowcasts offer real time coverage of auroral activity from coast to coast to coast during geomagnetic storms, with plenty of play by play along and analysis from one of Canada’s top aurora forecasters! 

Tonight’s nowcast will begin at 5 pm MT on the Ice Road Astronomer feed on Twitter. Watch for a steady flow of space weather and auroral activity updates until approximately 3 am MT. 

You can follow the @IceRoadAstro feed on Twitter, or stay connected by monitoring the Ice Road Astronomer widget on our website.

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STORM WATCH: Incoming CMEs Could Spark Many Nights of Bright Lights Across Canada


NOAA’s WSA-Enlil Model illustrates the arrival time for the first CME impact, expected at 00:00 UT on Friday (8 p.m. ET on Thursday).

By James Pugsley
Astronomy North

(YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) Northern skywatchers should be on alert for active auroras  Thursday, Friday and Saturday night as a pair of large coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep past Earth, possibly triggering minor, moderate or major geomagnetic storms and keeping Earth’s magnetic field unsettled for days.

The excitement began on Tuesday when a long-duration M4-Class solar flare erupted near Sunspot 2158, producing an Earth-directed CME that is expected to deliver a glancing blow as it sweeps past Earth on Thursday at approximately 6 pm MT (+/- 6 hrs). Continue reading »

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IMAGE GALLERY • Yellowknife Auroras Sept 6, 2014

AuroraMAXGalleryTemplate2012 AuroraMAXGalleryTemplate2012

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